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Carburetor Assembly, Rebuilt

Carburetor Assembly, Rebuilt, 1UJ-14900-00-00-R
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CARBURETOR ASS'Y, REBUILT. Completely disassembled & ultrasonically cleaned. New throttle shaft V-seals, throttle shaft seal plastic backup washers, stainless steel hexalobular flat socket throttle blade screws, FKM fuel feed pipe & vent tee o-rings, brass fuel feed tee with replaceable FKM o-rings, genuine Mikuni float needles, FKM float seat o-rings, stainless steel socket head needle seat retainer screws, float pins, main jets, float bowl gaskets, float bowl drain screws, pilot jets, pilot air bleed jets, cold start enrichment slides, cold start enrichemnt slide shank seals, stainless steel socket head float bowl screws, fuel screws, stainless fuel screw washers, FKM fuel screw o-rings, rubber fuel screw well plugs, stainless steel socket head diaphragm cover screws, stainless steel socket head upper rack, lower rack and upper trim bracket screws, stainless steel low socket head lower trim bracket screws, stainless steel socket head idle speed adjuster bracket screw, stainless steel idle speed adjuster bracket screw lock washer, stainless steel socket head cold start enrichment cable bracket screw, stainless steel cold start enrichment cable bracket screw lock washer, and stainless steel socket cold start enrichment slide lift & actuating arm set screws. Both vent tees, all float seat retainers, one float, all emulsion tubes, all float bowls, two fuel screw springs, all slide/diaphragm assemblies, all jet needles, all jet needle plastic spacers, three diaphragm covers (center two upgraded to chrome), fuel hose guide and idle speed screw & spring were replaced with the best from our stock of used components.