Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Q: Do you have these items in stock?
A: Yes. Whatever you can add to your shopping cart and complete an order with we have in stock.

Q: Will you ship to my location?
A: We ship worldwide anywhere the shipping providers we use will deliver to. A note to customers in the United Kingdom - all orders to be shipped to the UK must contain products valued at £135 or more. For more information please see our Terms.

Q: How soon will my order ship?
A: We ship the same (or rarely, next) business day if your order is placed before 13:30 Central Time.

Q: Are the items you sell OEM or aftermarket?
A: The majority of the items we sell are manufactured by the OEM (mainly Mikuni and Keihin). As a convention, we explicitly name the manufacturers of OEM items on their respective product pages.

Technical FAQs

Q: I am having trouble installing my new BST38 or BST40 slide guide. What should I do?
A: Please follow the instructions at BST38 & BST40 Slide Guide Installation.

Q: Where are the spring, washer and o-ring that are supposed to be included with the extended pilot fuel screw set with a part number starting with "CRZ-SCR"?
A: They can be found inside the sheath that covers the tip of the screw.

Q: The throttle slide binds in my new slide guide. Is the slide guide defective?
A: No. Please see article BST33 & BST36 Slide Guide Installation or BST38 & BST40 Slide Guide Installation.