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Cold Start Enrichment Slide with Knob, Extra Long

Long Cold Start Enrichment Slide with Knob, 13411-15A30
Part number:

OEM description: PLUNGER ASSY. Extra long style cold start enrichment plunger with knob (extends out past throttle cables).


genuine Mikuni

May be able to be used to replace the cable operated cold start enrichment slide 13411-12D00 PLUNGER. Does not require idle stop filing for knob to clear at WOT. We don't know whether the knob will clear the tank, etc. It is your responsibility to check. For reference, the knob protrudes past the flat part of the throttle cable bracket (the surface the screws tighten against) by 35mm when pulled all the way. We carry this item even though it is no longer available from Suzuki.