General CV Carburetor Tuning Correspondences

Low rpm all throttle positions, usually affecting larger openings more than smaller: Jet needle tip diameter, float height, jet needle base diameter, needle jet outlet size

WOT operation overall: main jet

WOT operation between horsepower peak and red line: main air corrector

WOT operation below horsepower peak: jet needle shape

1/4 throttle opening: jet needle clip position

1/8 throttle opening: pilot jet size

1/16 throttle opening: pilot jet size

Slope of small throttle opening fuel curve: pilot air bleed jet

Idle: fuel screw adjustment

There are exceptions to the above. For example, on a '96 and up DR650SE, float height does affect low rpm WOT operation, but more strongly affects all of the idle to 1/4 opening range.

All circuits overlap to one degree or another. For example, one main jet size is usually equivalent to a quarter of a pilot jet size between idle and 1/8 opening, while one pilot jet size might be worth a quarter of a main jet size during WOT operation.